The Placerville Food Co-op is currently run by a 9-seat Board of Directors elected by our owners (YOU!) annually in November.  Board Members are elected for either a 2 or 3 year term. 

The primary responsibility of the Co-op's Board is to be legally accountable for the actions of the Placerville Food Co-op, to provide overall direction and ensure the long-term security and viability of the Co-op, and to make decisions in the best interests of the Co-op and it's entire membership. The board also provides leadership and sets the overall direction of the co-op through member engagement, research, visioning, and setting policy.

Co-op Owners can choose to be involved in the governance of the Co-op in several ways. Aside from voting in our annual election, Co-op owners may also attend Board of Directors meetings, sit on Board committees or run for the Board!

Monthly board meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm upstairs in PFC Community Room (upstairs at the Co-op).  The first 10 minutes of each meeting is set aside for public comment. Please review our Board Meeting Etiquette. You may email the board at


John Le Pouvoir

Board President, 2014-Present

John is retired from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District where he worked as a Systems Administrator.  He is an active volunteer with the Sierra Club, the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the Desolation Wilderness Volunteers and other organizations.  John joined the Board of Directors of the Co-op by appointment to fill a vacancy.

Robynn Paxton Katz

Vice President, 2015-Present

Robynn has lived in the foothills for most of her life and now lives in Placerville with her husband Brian and their twin daughters.  Robynn is passionate about high quality, organic, slow and local food and has been shopping at the Co-op since before it was a Co-op.  Robynn has a background successfully managing finance sales and real estate sales for 20 years, and will bring these skills to her work on the Board of Directors.

Angie Carocci

Above and beyond all I WANT the Co-op to be successful. I NEED the co-op to be successful for the health and vibrancy of our local community. And I have the DESIRE to be a part of it.

I LOVE the co-op! I love its food, the deli, local produce and the fact that I can get good supplements for myself and my kids without having to do the research.  The co-op has been a part of my life since I was pregnant and working there with my 2
nd child Clementine. Currently I am a licensed Real Estate agent specializing in our local Placerville hub. I do both commercial and residential escrows and I believe for the future of the co-op I can be instrumental in building a bigger and better cooperative. I also have a strong sales background and would like to work with current employees to help boost membership sales adding to the co-op’s financial strength.

Craig Thomas

Craig is 38-year resident of the Sierra Nevada foothills east of Kelsey in El Dorado Co.  He is co-founder and conservation director of the regional conservation coalition, Sierra Forest Legacy. When not working on forest conservation Craig and his wife Vivian, operate Seven Grandfathers Farm, the first certified organic acres in El Dorado Co., selling produce in El Dorado, Placer and Nevada counties.

Craig Thomas, Conservation Director
Sierra Forest Legacy, PO Box 244, Garden Valley, CA 95663
Cell: 916-708-9409
Skype: craig.thomas064

Jorden Mingle

Jorden has been a part of the Placerville community for most of his life where he is currently running a small business with his life partner and raising his two sons. Jorden is excited at the possibility to bring his experience in co-op management, passion in local organic foods, and knowledge of the community to further the success and viability of our store.   

“While nutrition and health has always been present in my life, from homemade dinners during my childhood to now sharing with my sons the importance of healthful food, it was the very impactful years at the co-op in Isla Vista that charted my course into a passion for community, organic and local foods, and the cooperative business model. My zeal for natural food has led me from managing natural food stores to being an active member in the production of local agricultural products. I plan to further my dedication to my community and access to healthful foods by facilitating the growth and success of my current coop, the Placerville Food Coop where I have been a member/owner since its inception. Given my past experience, commitment, and motivated personality I am excited to bring my energy and ideas to the Placerville Food Coop Board of Directors.  Cooperative businesses are democratically run by and for the member/owners… feel empowered WE OWN IT!

Andrea Crimmins

I am a local Placerville resident, mom and co-op member and am currently in an MBA program at Presidio Graduate School’s Seattle campus that is focused on sustainable business. This year, in addition to focusing on finance and management,  I will be diving more deeply into an emphasis on sustainable food and agriculture. One of the benefits of my MBA learning community is the network of resources, educators and businesses that I can call on for guidance and learning.

I am passionate about healthy food and healthy communities and hope to bring my education and community presence to help the co-op thrive in the Placerville community.

Ben Hansen

I moved to Placerville a year and a half ago to start 24 Carrot Farm and became a member of the Coop immediately.  Before that I worked as a restaurant manager at farm to fork restaurants in San Francisco and ran a non-profit fruit harvesting program in Oakland CA. My passion for healthy, local, organic food is what got me into farming and it's what drives me to be an active member of our Coop community. I hope to assist the Coop in sourcing more local organic food from all of our local farms at prices that everyone in our community can afford. I represent local farmers and Coop members as I am proud to be both.

Doug Speakman

Doug Speakman has been in the natural products industry for more than 40 years first working at Ever’Man Natural Foods Coop in Pensacola Florida then owning his own natural foods restaurant and health food store in Columbus, Georgia where he grew up.  He worked his way up in the industry as a sales representative, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and VP of Sales & Marketing for companies such as: Akin Distributors, Tree of Life Distributors, Hain Pure Food Company, R. W. Knudsen (Smuckers), Lundberg Family Farms, Pacific Grain Products, and Good Earth Herbal Teas.  In 1996 Doug bought Sunshine Specialties Northern CA from Michael Iannotti.  That first year he was the only employee but now Sunshine Northern CA employs more than 20 people!

Doug is past President of the American Lung Association of Northern CA and served on the board of one of the largest coop stores, Sacramento Natural Foods Coop for more than 7 years and still serves on their Finance Committee.  He has been a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts and was the Chairman of a Cub Scout Pack for three years in Sacramento.  He is committed to the Natural Products Industry and community.